Apple Watch and iPhone can automatically send vital Medical ID info to first responders in iOS 13.5

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Apple is rapidly releasing new software features to improve mind-boggling lives in the mind-blowing health epidemic 19. A new feature designed to help first-responders will be useful for iPhone and Apple Watch users even when we reach the other side of the coronavirus outbreak and Wachos 6.2.5 later this month.
Medical ID
Apple Watch and iPhone support a feature called Medical ID that allows you to collect critical health data in one place. Medical ID may include your contact information, date of birth, medical condition, blood type, etc.
Medical ID can be accessed from an iPhone lock screen without a password, or by holding down the Apple Watch side button, even if it is locked. The idea is that anyone can see important information about their health when needed, even if you don’t respond.
Emergency rescue
The iPhone and Apple Watch offer a separate emergency call feature as well. When you hold down the side button on your iPhone and Apple Watch for a few seconds, your device can call local emergency services for you.
Emergency SOS also alerts your emergency contact when activated. This feature saves lives by notifying first responders if an iPhone or Apple Watch user has an accident.
Medical ID on emergency call
The new addition in ios 13.5 and watchos 6.2.5 is a new feature that connects medical ID and emergency rescue together. Starting this month, customers have the option to automatically share medical identification information with emergency services using the new emergency rescue feature.
This could help first aid reduce the need to ask about allergies, medications, and medical conditions. When an emergency answering machine is activated, the former will automatically receive this important medical identification information.
Medical identification information is stored in an iCloud encrypted format and encrypted during transmission. By relying on enhanced emergency data to securely share data with first aid, this privacy is maintained with new features.
The Apple Watch Series 4 and later also features a drop detection feature that automatically calls emergency services when a crash is detected and the user is not responding. The new medical identification exchange feature will also be used for fall detection.
The new feature is currently available in beta versions of ios and Watchos. When the software update is available later this month, updates to ios 13.5 and watchos 6.2.5.

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