How to Rotate Video on iPhone & iPad (iOS 13 and newer)


Want to rotate a movie or video on iPhone or iPad? It is easy to do this with the hottest iOS and iPadOS releases.

However, it’s pretty easy to inadvertently record clips in the wrong orientation using your device’s camera (however there are tricks to check the camera orientation they’re a bit subtle). Most of us are frustrated to discover that a priceless moment that we shot with our iPhone or iPad is not at the orientation that people wanted it to. Thanks to this built-in video editing tools on iOS and ipadOS, the frustration is short lived as you can easily rotate videos directly on the device with no additional applications.

Along with having the ability to cut video, add filters, adjust exposure, contrast and other settings, the video editor that’s baked to the iOS Photos program is also capable of rotating video clips. This allows users to quickly fix their clips inside a matter of moments with only a few taps.

Can you accidentally take a video upside down or sideways? Don’t fret, you’ve come to right place, as in the following report, we’ll be discussing exactly how you’re able to rotate videos on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 or afterwards.

How to Rotate Video on iPhone & iPad with iOS 13

Together with the current iOS 13 upgrade, Apple has made almost all picture editing programs applicable to videos too. Thus, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 13 or later before going ahead with the process.

Head around to the inventory”Photos” app from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad and open the video which you want to rotate.

Here, tap on”Edit” situated at the top-right corner of this display.

At the bottom, you will notice four different video editing tools. It’s located right next to the mirror tool. Note that in the event you tap it’ll rotate by 90 degrees. So, based upon your requirement, you may need to tap twice or maybe even thrice. Once you’re satisfied with the orientation, then tap”Done” to confirm the edit.

If you would like to revert this change for any reason, simply open the video again, go to the edit menu and then tap “Revert” as shown below. Keep in mind that if you had some other filters or edits applied to the video, these will be reset as well.

That’s pretty much all of the steps you want to follow in order to readily rotate videos onto your own iPhone and iPad.

If you find yourself doing this spinning often, you can always try to bypass the problem by locking the orientation on iPhone or iPad so it’s in the vertical or horizontal orientation that you’d love to capture videos with, thus not requiring any rotation after the fact.

From trimming video clips into correcting alignments and including filters, the newest built-in video editor has a lot to give, particularly if you film a lot using your iPhone or even iPad. Apple has sort of removed the need to download and install any third party video editing programs for tweaking your clips.

The editing tools are not only restricted to the clips that you shot in your own device. That’s correct, you might also use them on videos you’ve saved on the net or clips that you have received from friends via AirDrop. It’s true that you can’t use it for professional color grading as if you can with iMovie, but for the huge bulk of those casual users who only want to quickly tweak their videos and make them look good with minimal exertion, the stock editor is hard to beat.

This trick clearly applies to the hottest iOS and iPadOS releases, but if you’re running a prior version of system software on your device you can still go about rotating videos with iMovie on iPhone and iPad. Don’t miss more iMovie hints here if this interests you.

Did you figure out how to resolve the orientation of the videos using the Rotate tool on your iPhone or even iPad? What do you think about the new built in video editor within the Photos program? Do you believe that it can replace full-fledged video editors on the App Store?


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