How to Share iPhone & iPad Screen with AnyDesk


Do you desire a free and convenient way to share your iPhone or iPad display to someone else remotely? Maybe you wish to display something, or maybe you wish to talk about the iOS device’s display with somebody who’s ready to offer you technical support from a remote location? Well, AnyDesk remote desktop program allows you to do precisely that. It’s a favorite alternative to TeamViewer, and we’re going to demonstrate just how you can utilize it.


AnyDesk is primarily used to remote control a desktop and provide technical support. As a result of this AnyDesk app that’s on iOS, iPhone and iPad owners can share their display securely with other AnyDesk users within a matter of seconds. Although you can’t remotely control an iPhone or even iPad using AnyDesk on a computer, the screen sharing attribute should be good enough for any sort of advice typically.


Trying to benefit from this screen sharing functionality that AnyDesk has to offer? Keep reading to learn ways to share your iPhone or iPad’s display with AnyDesk.


The Way to Share iPhone & iPad Screen with AnyDesk

Before you get started using the process, you’ll need to download and install the AnyDesk app from the Apple App Store. It is free to download and use. Once you’ve installed , simply follow the steps below.




You’ll notice your AnyDesk speech the moment you open the app. This speech is used by almost any other AnyDesk user to connect to your device.


Head over to in your computer using an internet browser and install the software on your PC. Click”Connect” as shown below.


Now, you’ll get a prompt inside the AnyDesk app in your iOS device. Tap on the”recording” icon.


Next, tap on”Start Broadcast” as shown in the screenshot below to commence the screen sharing session.


Since you can see here, you are now able to look at your iOS device’s display on a pc using AnyDesk.


That’s all there is to it. Now, you get a clear idea of establishing a remote connection for screen sharing using AnyDesk. Pretty simple, right?


You can follow exactly the exact same procedure to talk about your screen with a different iOS device using AnyDesk, so you’re not just confined with a PC or Mac. This wouldn’t be possible with no built-in screen recording feature which Apple introduced alongside the release of iOS 11.


In the same way, you may even use the AnyDesk program to control your desktop . Forgot to shut down your PC in your home? Utilizing AnyDesk’s Unattended Access feature, you can connect to a personal computer by using only a password. This removes the need to manually approve a connection request within AnyDesk.


Support personnel and tech gurus are able to take advantage of the useful feature to help individuals and resolve the problems they are facing with their apparatus. If you’re not happy with AnyDesk or if it is not working correctly on your platform, you can test out TeamViewer to talk about with your iOS device’s screen in a similar manner . Popular video calling services like Skype, Zoom and Hangouts can also be utilized for simple display sharing.


We hope you were able to talk about your iPhone and iPad screen utilizing AnyDesk for remote assistance. Have you tried out another applications for the exact same function? If this is the case, how does it stack up to AnyDesk?




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