HTC’s leaked AirPods clone offers the two features Apple hasn’t done


For those of you who have been calling Apple to offer different colorful aircraft cabins, htc is listening. According to the images through the American and Taiwanese regulators, htc is preparing to launch a pair of real black wireless headphones that look very much like an airplane cabin.

He recently passed the “htc u ear” wireless headset by the FCC and the Taiwan National Communications Council. They are designed very similar to aircraft compartments, with longer stems and designs on the ears.

Other details include a charging box to secure earplugs, powered by USB-C. There does not seem to be any support for wireless charging, although usb-c support helps compensate for that.

Many users have long asked Apple to make airplane cabins in different color options than white, but so far the company has resisted such pressure. Rumors suggest that the Cabin Pro would be released in various colors, but this did not happen.

That said, companies like chrome already allow users to customize aircraft cabins in a variety of different colors.

We still do not know when, or even if, HTC plans to launch real wireless “or ears” to the public. Would you sacrifice other aircraft cabin features for a sleek black design? Let us know below the comments!

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Apple Booth

Apple Booth

AirPods offer a wireless wireless audio experience with up to 5 hours of battery life. They can be charged through the enclosure that accompanies it, allowing you to have a single charge up to 24 hours. Cab 2 and Pro cab support wireless charging (qi), hey siri, and includes h1 chips.


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