Apple facing data protection probe in Germany over retail store temperature checks

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Apple is slowly reopening its retail shops around the world, as we’re monitoring in our comprehensive roundup. Apple is implementing new procedures such as temperature tests to ensure the security of employees and visitors, but regulators in Germany having worries about these temperature checks.


According to a report by Bloomberg Law, Apple is facing a probe with a regional data protection office in Germany within the temperature tests. The Hessian data protection bureau seeks to figure out whether Apple’s strategy to take customer temperatures”violates EU privacy guidelines “


The Hessian data security bureau’s evaluation comes after Apple reopened stores across Germany May 11 with additional security processes, including fever checks and social distancing.


The office would like to know whether the temperature tests violate the applicable data security principles, Ulrike Muller, a spokesperson for the Hessian Data Protection Commissioner, stated. There are no results yet from the probe and the workplace is coordinating with other German data protection authorities, Muller said.


Apple and health officials around the world have said that things like temperature checks are vital for gradually reopening retail stores while also continuing to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Apple so far has started all 15 of its own retail shops in Germany.


Along with temperature checks, Apple Stores are focusing on service and support at first, while restricting store capacity and decreasing operating hours. Apple can be requiring masks and supplying them when needed.


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