How to turn on AirDrop on Mac

AirDrop on your Mac

Learn how to using Airdrop on Mac

With Airdrop, you can wirelessly send documents, photos, videos, websites, map locations, and more to a nearby Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Share content via airdrop

Open the file you want to send, and then click the Share button in the application window. Or hold down Control and click the file in the search engine and select Share from the context menu.

  1. Select Airdrop from the shared options listed.
  2. Select a recipient from the empty conversion table:
  3. or open the Airdrop window and drag the file to the recipient:
  4. Select Airdrop from the sidebar of the Finder window or select Go > Airdrop from the menu bar.
  5. The Airdrop window displays nearby Airdrop users. Drag one or more documents, photos, or other files to the recipient that appears in the window.

Receive content by Airdrop

When someone close to you tries to send you a file via airdrop, you will see your request as a notification or message in the airdrop window. Click OK to save the file to the download folder.

If you don’t see another device in the airdrop

Make sure your device meets the following requirements:

The two devices are within 9 meters of each other, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on.

Each Mac was released in 2012 or later (excluding Mac Pro 2012) and is using OS x Joseemite or later.

  1. To find out, select Apple Menu > About This Mac.
  2. iOS 7 or later is used for all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and the personal access point is turned off.
  3. Make sure your device can receive air shipping requests:
  4. In the Finder menu bar, select Go to > Airdrop, and then select Allow to be in the Airdrop window. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are set similarly. If it is configured to receive only from contacts, both devices must be signed in to iCloud, and the email address or phone number associated with the sender’s Apple ID must be in the contact app of the receiving device.
  5. Select Apple Menu > System Preferences, and then click Security and Privacy. Tap the Firewall tab, then tap Lock and enter your administrator password when prompted. Click the firewall option and deselect Block all incoming connections.


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