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Our Pledge to You

Everyone has read sayings such as “The customer is always right,” and “Customer Service is our number one priority.” But whether those reflect the day-to-day transactions, even from the companies that tout those phrases, your experience can be another matter, especially if a problem crops up.

One can often judge the quality and commitment to customer service a company has based on how a problem is handled. It’s a given that there will be problems. Every company has them. But how are they solved?

At Mobile Store Near Me, we refuse to operate based on policy alone. You should never hear the words: “You are right, but it’s against our policy” from one of our employees. When there is a complication in resolving a problem, real people hear the facts and make a decision, as opposed to reading a Policy Manual. We don’t have a call center. When you call us you are talking to our staff here in Wilsonville. Sure, we have guidelines and basic rules, but they’re mostly in place to give us a starting point. The good people who work here would like nothing more than to make people happy, but any resolution to a problem has to consider both the customer’s and Mobile Store Near Me’s sides of the equation. We remain flexible to make sure that we do our best to balance both sides. Everyone has a different situation and problem, and we do everything we can to make things right within that framework.

Does this mean we’ll take back product well after it’s allowable return time, or opened software, etc.? Probably not. As we stated, we do have rules and guidelines. But frankly, every manufacturer is a bit different as well. So we don’t plop our policies on top of everyone else’s and make you live with that. But mostly, we treat you as a valued customer with respect. And that’s where it all begins.

Your feedback and comments are valuable to making us continue to be better at what we do!



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